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Gerald Cosmetics Lipsticks…

Hello everyone, so few months back I bought this Gerald Cosmetics Lipstick set. It was only $20 and I could pick any colours that I wanted. I couldn’t pass up this deal. I’m a total sucker for lipsticks especially liquid lipsticks. 

One thing I have to say before I go on is the wait for these was crazy I think I didn’t get them for almost a month or more after I ordered. I got no emails or anything from them saying when they had been shipped.  I had to email them on a few occasions asking when they would arrive. It was along waiting game. If I was to buy more I think I’ll buy from a UK based supplier. 

The colour I chose for lipstick is vintage rose it’s a gorgeous nude dusty pink colour. As with any lipstick it does wear off after while but I really like it. For the hydro matte liquid lipstick I chose iced mocha which is lovely brownish colour. I didn’t find too drying on lips and it did last ages before it started to come off. Lastly the colour I picked for the colour your smile lipgloss is shimmer of hope it’s lovely pink gloss. The cool thing about this gloss is the packaging,it has a little mirror and when you open it a light comes on which so handy when your on the go. I do have to say it is a little bit sticky at the beginning but it does fade. 

I would definitely recommend these if you love lipsticks like myself.  Just maybe buy from a UK based supplier. Have you tried what we’re your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading.  

Trisha Maria x 



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