Is Snapchat dying out?  

I do like Snapchat but I do think alot of people are getting sick of it me included. I only snap to my family and friends. And I watch a few people’s snaps. My page is private and I’d like to keep it that way. I won’t be involving my blog with my Snapchat. If I want to post videos of products or looks I’ll do that on my instagram page. I just think Snapchat is losing its appeal, well for me it has anyways. It used to be a place where you could watch your favourite bloggers or celebrities being normal and not like how there Instagram pictures depict them to be. In the last few years it’s turned into an advertising site with almost every single Blogger/celebrity trying to sell you this and that. That gets incredible boring after you see every single person promoting the same bloody thing over and over. Don’t get me started on them not being transparent that’s a different topic but has made people question certain people’s credibility. I do have a blog post about it if do want to have a read. 
I have unfollow alot of bloggers and celebrities over the last few months. Ones who I used to love watching because they seemed so genuine, likeable and transparent. Some I feel are showing far too many ads and too much of their personal lives and I feel very intrusive watching some of them. Nights out in particular where alot of alcohol is involved really shouldn’t be up on their public snaps. These people have young teen followers and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get wrong I like to have a drink too I just don’t show it off. Another thing is family /kids/animals, I wouldn’t put my kids/family up on any form of social media without their consent. My kids hate having their pictures taken (probably because of me taking their pictures so often when they were small)so never mind putting them on social media. One or two pics is fine but if your snaps are oversaturated with pics of kids/animals I just skip or unfollow. That’s my choice, everybody has their own options on this. I’m not having a dig or anything at anyone these are just my own feelings.

Lauras views,Rosemary Maccabe, Claire Balding, Doireann Garrity, Makeup by Julie, Lisa_Zinc, Paulas beauty blog,Retroflame, Tara O Farrell,The Skin Nerd and The Beautiful Truth, these are some of the ones who I still follow on snapchat who have in my opinion stayed true to themselves and give me a giggle and a laugh. 

Whats your opinion on snapchat do you feel the same as me?  

Trisha Maria ❇ 


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