The Ordinary skincare regime… 

I’ve heard so many great things about these products from The Ordinary by Deciem so i had to go and check them out for myself. I choose products for aging and hydration. I’m 29 and I’m already seeing the signs of ageing (sigh). I really should have been taking more care of my skin in my early twenties. I bought all of these products from Victoria Health and everything cost a total £40.50. I received these on the 20th of January and started using them that night and ever since.

First up is “Buffet” a skin treatment serum primer with a multitude of benefits.  This product is a peptide rich formula that combines probiotics,amino acids and hyaluronic acids to target multi signs of ageing. This formula is a complex one, which is why the price is a little higher at £12.70. I use this after I’ve cleansed in the morning and evening. I’ve had no reactions from it or from any of the other products either but do be wary when trying new products. And also give them time to work. 

Next up is the “Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5” serum. It’s a super hydrating support formula, ultra-pure and vegan. This is a no frills hyaluronic acid, it does as it’s says on bottle. My skin feels great after I started using this product. I can see that some lines have plumped out and my skin is feeling really soft and smooth. I love this product. I use this after Buffet in the morning and the evening.  This is priced at £5.90.

Next up is the “Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA”. This is made of many compounds including multi amino acids,fatty acids, glycerin, hyaluronic acid plus many many more.  It’s a non greasy hydrating moisturer. I use this after my hyaluronic acid in morning and before make up. This is priced at £4.90.

Next up is “Advanced retinoid 2%”it’s a skin treatment serum for cell turnover and elastin production. It’s also great for spots and acne prone skin. I have hormonal spots around my chin at moment usually they last for over a week but from using this there disappearing after a day or two. It has a lovely lightweight texture and absorbs quickly into the skin. One thing tho is it doesn’t smell the best as it’s unfragranced. It hasn’t caused me any irritation. I would use at night after the hyaluronic serum but I also dab little bits on spots during the day. Always use spf during the day when using any retinol products. This is priced at £8.

Lastly we have the “100% organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil” it’s both cold pressed and organic. Rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid and pro vit a. It has been shown to reduce signs of ageing and many of skin conditions including scaring and rosacea. I use this every night after my retinoid. This is priced at £9.I love all of these products,my skin is feeling great since I started using them,I’ve actually put in another order for a few more bits for myself and family. I would highly recommend checking them and trying them out for yourself. Everything is reasonable priced. Below is a regime quide from Deciem. Thanks for reading. Have you tried any of these, how did you fair out? 

Trisha Maria ❇ 

N.B: I purchased these myself. Nothing to declare.


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