Violet Voss Holy Grail …. 

Hey everyone, hope your having a great week. Today I’m talking about the Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette. This palette had been all over social media even before it was realised. It’s hard not to see why. When I seen the colours I just knew I had to have it. The nude natural colours and cranberry, I just fell I love,sad I know but I have makeup problem. And then of course every time I went to purchase it, it was always out of stock as the demand was so high. It eventually came back instock in late November early December can’t remember exactly but I bought it straight away from Beauty Bay. I was waiting about almost two weeks for it to arrive I put that down to Christmas postal period. It’s available again on Beauty Bay if you do you want to buy.  

As you can see above the colours are beautiful to look at. The variety of colours is excellent,you get a total of 20 shades. The palette is great for natural nude looks to more outgoing looks for night time. You really can create a multitude of looks with it. It has mattes and shimmers. None of the shimmers feel clumpy. All the shades are really pigmented, they blend easily and the colours are buildable with minimal fall out. Some shades you do have to work with abit more. It’s also missing a black colour which isn’t good. They wear for a decent amount of time with a primer. I haven’t tested them out without a primer.  It’s on my to do list.  

The packaging itself is cheap cardboard,alot of make up companies are doing this but I really hate that as it doesn’t feel durable. The mirror is a good size especially if your on the go. I have the original palette so I’m not sure what the new one with holographic box is like and if they changed the formula or anything like that. 

It really is a decent eyeshadow palette. The colours are very versatile. It has a good blend of shimmers and mattes. The colours are creamy and blend beautifully. If you’re a cool-toned lover you may not like it as it’s a very warm-toned palette. My only gripe with it is the packaging, no black and the price is a little steep at £43 or €53.10. I do really like it but as with all makeup it might not suit everybody. We all have our own opinions and likes. Did you buy this palette?  Did you like or hate it? 

Trisha Maria ❇ 

N.B. I bought this palette myself, nothing to declare.  


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