Mini Boots Haul… 

Hey everyone hope your all well. Today’s post is about my mini Boots haul I did a few weeks ago. I’m doing a first impressions blog about the items I bought as they’re things that you either like or hate straight away. The most expensive thing I bought was the smashbox insta-matte but everything else was really reasonable priced. 

First up is the smashbox insta-matte lipstick transformer. I taught this was going to be brilliant. It transforms any cream lipstick to a matte, sounds great. The idea is you put your cream lipstick and put a dab abit of this on with finger over the lipstick and then your lipstick is matte but the problem is half the lipstick comes off on your finger. I’ve tried it with a lip brush and the same thing happens. It doesn’t make the lipstick last longer on the lips and the lipstick colour fades really fast compared to normal matte lipsticks. I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest save your €22.50 for something else. 

Next up is Nyx glitter primer. I bought this primer hoping it will work with my Huda eyeshadow palette.  I haven’t used both of them yet! So I will update this post when I have tested them out which should be over the next few days.  This was €10.

Then we have the Barry M lipkits. I think these are limited edition I hope not tho. Now these  aren’t dupes to the Kylie lipkits like hear alot of people say. The colours are lovely, a nude,nude pink and darker pink. They’re slightly similar to Kylies lipstick but definitely not dupes. They also don’t have the same lasting powder as Kylies. They’re a really good liquid lipstick and I do recommend them as they’re only €9 each which is great for what you get.  

I also received this Barry M nail polish free with my purchase so I’m not sure of the price. It’s lovely bronze colour. It lasted a week on my nails before it started chipping which is good for me as I do alot with my hands everyday.

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on with them? I’d really love to hear your thoughts. 

Trisha Maria ❇ 

N.B: I purchased these myself, nothing to declare. 


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