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My blogs First Birthday… 

​Wow it was my blogs First Birthday this week. It’s been an up and down kinda year. I love writing blogs and I may not be the best writer but I am trying to work on that. I did neglect my blog for a few months but I’m really doing my best this time around. I’m not blogging to get famous or anything like that. As that isn’t me, you can see I don’t post photos of myself. I prefer at the moment to be slightly anonymous. I have taken pictures of my make up looks but I picked them apart and i wouldn’t publish them. If friends take photos I do same thing I just pick myself apart and I’ve done so for as long as I can remember. I have really bad confidence issues and the taughts of what people will think aswell gets me. Sad I know! I really need to build my confidence up and grow some balls. 
What to expect from my blog for next year, I’d love to show some of my fashion style.I don’t really go by trends I dress in what I feel comfortable in. I don’t know if it would work yet but we’ll see.

I’ll still be putting up my reviews of skincare products and makeup because I’m obsessed with them to be honest. And hopefully I’ll build my confidence and put up actual makeup looks. 

I’ll be doing more lifestyle and just life blogs just about stuff I’m interested in. If you’d like to see something different please do let me know. 

I’ll be putting a competition up on my Facebook and Instagram this evening. Come follow me for a chance to win. Update I never got chance last to put the competition up, it will going up this evening at 6pm 21/3

Trisha Maria ❇ 


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